Hajj Chronicles Part 8: Every soul shall taste it

slip-sliding away.....

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Janatul Baqi Janatul Baqi – the graveyard of Madinah

The certainty

The Prophet s.a.w. reportedly* advised us to “Remember frequently the destroyer of pleasures” – referring to death. It’s the only certainty we have in life – the fact that we will die; and it’s a fact that everyone accepts – even the atheists. Personally, I would love to live by this hadith – but, sadly, I do not. Once in a while reminders (like this one) move me, but those feelings soon fade, and it’s back to ‘normal’ life again.

When preparing for Hajj, you’re forced to consider the fact that you may die on this journey. It’s common to prepare your final will and testament (if you haven’t already), and when you leave your loved ones at the airport upon your departure, you know that it may be the…

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