Hajj Chronicles Part 9: Loose ends

slip-sliding away.....

Previous posts in this series: Parts 1 to 8

Madinah Masjid an-Nabawi in Madinah

To wrap up the Madinah leg of the trip, I’d like to highlight some points which haven’t been covered elsewhere. Unlike previous posts, this one won’t follow a narrative, but will just take a point form approach. As such, there are no ‘Related lessons’ this time – as each point is its own lesson.

Masjid Nabawi

You can find actual information about the masjid in other places – such as this article and this talk. Here, I’d just like to advise on a few things:

  • Go early for all salaahs – even when it’s not so busy. The place fills up fast as the days go by, and if you want to sit comfortably inside, you need to be there long before the adhaan. For Jumuah, try to go 2 hours early. And in all cases, take…

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