Hajj Chronicles Part 12: Umrah

slip-sliding away.....

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Tawaaf at the Kabah Tawaaf at the Kabah

Round and round

After our first sight of the Kabah, it was time for our very first umrah. We followed our group leader and approached the Kabah – starting the first of the seven rounds we’d need to make walking around the building. These rounds – called tawaaf – brought us so close to the Kabah that we could touch it; and the experience brought moments of awe to my heart.

But those were exceptions, because much of my focus at this stage was on not getting separated from the group (which can happen very easily in the crowd).

The other focus – which was to be a constant for subsequent tawaafs – was trying to shield my wife from getting pushed and shoved in the sea of humanity that surrounded us. With so many people…

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