Hajj Chronicles Part 13: Lift off

slip-sliding away.....

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Door of the Kabah The door of the Kabah


One of the blessings of the journey of Hajj – both in Madinah and Makkah – is that the crowds are so big that you have to go very early if you want to get a good spot in the masjid. And with our first morning in Makkah being a Friday, we planned to go even earlier for Jumuah – 2 or 3 hours before the time.

The preparation brought about an opportunity to apply one of the positive changes I’d hoped to make from this trip: holding my tongue in the face of extreme irritation.

You see, my wife – like other women (I would guess) – tends to get very tense and dramatic when the pressure’s on. What makes things worse is that I’m a natural ‘dawdler’ – I tend to be slow…

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