Hajj Chronicles Part 17: Memories for the heart

slip-sliding away.....

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View through a grill in the haram - Makkah

The crowning moment

I’ve heard that everyone gets a ‘moment’ in Makkah – some special experience where they receive inspiration, or some kind of epiphany. On one of our last mornings there, mine came.

For fajr that morning, I’d managed to get to my usual 4th floor spot of the masjid. After fajr, while waiting to make Ishraaq salaah (just after sunrise), I made a conscious effort to observe my surroundings: the birds above, the many people sitting, sleeping, taking pictures, making dua, or just looking at the Kabah. The most heart-warming sight was an Indonesian couple laying nearby, asleep – facing each other. It was awesome to see the love and mercy of marriage manifested right there –on this blessed rooftop where couples and families often spent time together.

After sunrise, I made my ishraaq salaah, and before leaving…

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