Hajj Chronicles – Part 19: Ascension

slip-sliding away.....

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As stated last time, Aziziah was a place where we hoped to disconnect from comforts and prepare ourselves for the biggest 5 days of our lives. It was also the place where our tour group finally kicked in with Islamic programmes. Up to that point, I’d been highly disappointed by the relative lack of lectures, classes, and other spiritually-uplifting activities offered.

We’d specifically chosen our Hajj group because of the top-notch ulama they take with them, and I had expected a journey like this to be full of inspirational lectures and activities that would help get our hearts and minds into the states they’d need to be in for Hajj. But it wasn’t to be. My favourite alim didn’t even make it there (due to visa issues), and such events were minimal in our Madinah and Makkah stays. It was…

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