Ramadan: The Early Bird Challenge

With Ramadaan less than 2 months away, I hope this will help your preparations. It’s very personal and practical, so make the most of it 🙂

slip-sliding away.....

To fully benefit from a great opportunity, you need to prepare for it – and the more thorough the preparation the better. As Muslims, we have an annual event that serves as a tremendous opportunity to gather rewards and effect permanent, positive changes in our lives that will help us draw closer and closer to the Almighty. That opportunity is Ramadan.

Usually, it’s only in the two months before Ramadan that we start hearing about how important it is to prepare. Preparation ensures that, by the time the month arrives, we’re already in the spirit of striving, and we have the momentum to make the most of Ramadan.

But we also hear how the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) companions (may Allah be pleased with them) used to look forward to Ramadan a full six months before it came. And because they are the best generation in our history, we…

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