Ramadan: The Early Bird Challenge part 2

Continuing the theme of early preparation for Ramadaan 2017, this part focuses on supplication (dua).

slip-sliding away.....

Following up from part 1, we now continue our journey to prepare early for Ramadan 2012. At this point, we have – insha-Allah – about four months left until the whole (Muslim) world begins this most auspicious month. But if you’re taking up this Early Bird Challenge, you’re eager to get a head start on the rest of the ummah.

Last month, we took the ‘pillar’ of the deen – salaah – as our point of improvement. This month, we take another critical element – one which, according to hadith, is the ‘essence’ of worship: dua (supplication).


The ticket to everything you want

Humans – by their nature – have been created to want, and want more, and more. And while sometimes this is good, many times it isn’t – because we too often focus intensely on the material things we want, while neglecting the spiritual things we…

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