Ramadan: The Early Bird Challenge 3

This edition of the Ramadaan prep series focuses on a tricky area which we all struggle with (well…most of us). Instead of waiting until Ramadaan to change these habits, work through this post to try to get an early start.

slip-sliding away.....

With just three months left until Ramadan, if you’ve participated in this series so far, your journey towards improvement should be well underway – even if it’s going very slowly (and that’s OK!). We began with salaah in part 1, then moved on to dua in part 2. While those are both very spiritual topics, this month’s challenge deals with something much more worldly – our unhealthy, time-consuming habits. It may be painful, and it may take a while to do, but if you succeed in this month’s area, insha-Allah you’ll make giant strides in bettering your own self and your relationship with Allah.



Compared to the past, today’s modern technology makes our lives easier and saves us great amounts of time. Take the simple example of laundry: 200 years ago, it was a whole day job, and now you can get it done and dried…

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