Ramadan: The Early Bird Challenge 4

Continuing our Ramadaan prep series, part 4 delves into strengthening our relationship with the Quran.

slip-sliding away.....

Ramadan is almost here, and by now, your local ulama and others might have started reminding you of the need to prepare early for it – so that you can start the month in full gear already (or at least better than starting from zero). But if you’ve been with the Early Bird series so far, you should be way ahead already – gradually improving so that you’ll be well equipped to start the month in an already-habitual state of striving.

Three months ago, we started this series by covering salaah, followed by dua the following month, and then unhealthy habits. Next up, we focus on the greatest source of guidance to come to us – the Holy Quran.

This post can’t come close to being comprehensive enough, or fitting of the subject matter – but it’s an attempt to at least try to help in this most…

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