Ramadan: The Early Bird Challenge 5

Wrapping up our Ramadaan prep series, we focus on a sensitive yet critical topic: speaking about others.

slip-sliding away.....

Hold your tongue Image source: http://someusefulidioms.blogspot.com/2011/01/hold-your-tongue.html

With just one month to go until Ramadan, insha-Allah everyone is gearing up to welcome this blessed annual visitor. If you’ve been with this series so far, insha-Allah you’re well on track to make the most of the coming month. But if not, there’s still time to put in some prep work. You can still make use of past posts in this series – but just amend the exercises to suit your current timeframes. See the list of previous posts at the end for quick access to these exercises.

The organ that will make or break you

If you had to consider which part of the body is most important, which would you choose? The eyes? Ears? Hands? All of these are important, because on the Day of Judgement, each of the will testify as to what we used them for (as laid out very creatively in…

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