Book 2: Three Stars

Another piece from the book I’m hoping to publish. (See previous pieces at this link.)

Orion's Belt

Three stars
I’d see when staring into the night sky.

Three stars
I’d wish to watch
with my then-unknown beloved.

Three stars characterise those years
of desperate loneliness,
when I’d stand by my window at night,
looking up into the Great Infinite.

Imagining the night when
she would be by my side;
Soulmates at last united,
No longer facing this stress-filled world alone.
No longer hearing love songs,
Seeing romantic movies,
And wishing those emotions were,
for us,
tangible –
Within literal grasp.

Side by side,
Hand in hand
We’d walk this road of life
Overcoming hurdles and setbacks

Gazing into each other’s eyes,
Imagining Eternity,
Where nothing would bother us,
And there’d be nothing to do
Except bask in the comfort and pleasure
Of a life promised to those
Who believed and did righteous deeds.

And now,
Ten years later,
After three homes,
Two kids,
One pilgrimage,
And uncountable moments
Of joy and pain,
Hardship and ease,
Here we stand:

Still together.
Still united.
Still looking forward –
now more than ever –
To that Eternal Abode;
Our escape
From this delusional existence
To the Reality that’ll make it all better;
Make this life worth the struggle.
When our decades here will feel like the blink of an eye,
Rich in experience,
But miniscule
In the larger scheme of things.

And on that night
When we sit together,
Holding hands,
Gazing into Paradise’s magnificent sky,
I hope to again see
Those Three Stars –
an eternal reminder
Of what was –
Our journey of Life,
Preserved forever,
To always remember
Where we started,
What we went through,
And how we made it here.

Date written:

May 2017


This piece marks my 10-year wedding anniversary (though I wrote it 5 months early). I was inspired, one night, at the glimpse of Orion’s Belt. It’s a constellation which I’d gazed at often in my single days, always longing for someone to share the experience with. The irony, however, is that once I did find my soulmate, we haven’t spent much time star-gazing. Yet these three stars still remain, for me, a nostalgic symbol of that lonely period – the prelude to my present life, which, in turn, is merely a prelude to the Eternal life which awaits us, where we will, God willing, be together once more – able to experience these stars in ways far greater than what’s possible in this limited and troubled realm of Earth.

4 thoughts on “Book 2: Three Stars

  1. Mabrook – 10 years these days is quite a feat. Inshallah there will be a lifetime ahead filled with good health, peace and prosperity waiting for both of you on this journey.

    PS. Are you on Instagram?

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