The birth of a new day


I ascend the stairs hurriedly,
Hoping to enter upon
my favourite getaway spot:
the precious perch
I’ve frequented for over a decade,
Atop the tallest building
on this gorgeous campus.

as the door is unlocked.

I step out
onto this familiar rooftop,
Observing the still morning air,
While others below hurry
to start their morning routines.

Approaching the edge,
I gaze upon the suburbs,
As thick layers of cloud float across the sky,
Pushed by the fresh morning wind.

Darkness receding,
As the sun prepares
to make its entrance
from behind the enshrouded mountain range in the distance.

Behind me,
Our famous mountain lays hidden,
Only to be unveiled soon after sunrise;
Glorious in all its magnificence,
As first light hits
the towering peak
which I still dream of ascending some day.

I stare directly at the sun,
Clouded by floating grey puffs,
Yet a perfect round disc,
At first white and muted,
But soon after,
Glowing in its brilliance,
No doubt ready to melt away
all that ventures too close to it,
While warming us down here
on this chilly autumn morning.

The rays spread out across the horizon,
Kissing all they touch,
With light,
Then warmth,
As humanity starts the new day.

The light grows yet more,
Blanketing all it surrounds,
Blinding from view
all beneath it,
Such is the radiance
of God’s inimitable power.

A fresh start,
A new chapter,
A chance to leave behind
what weighed us down
so heavily yesterday.

The past has passed,
And God’s gift
of new light,
new life,
new hope,
Shines magnificently for all to see,
If they would just lift their vision
above worldly occupations,
And bear witness
to this daily miracle…
The birth of a new day.

5th April 2018

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