The Facebook experiment

For the most part, I’ve shunned promoting my blog via Facebook. But, seeing the power of the platform, and the fact that I’d like my content to reach and hopefully benefit a wider audience, I’ve taken the plunge and set up a Facebook page.

Please visit, like, share, etc as you see fit:

I don’t know if I’ll maintain this permanently…it’s just an experiment for now. So please join me on this journey….

2 thoughts on “The Facebook experiment

    • Prefer not to go that public. The blog has always been relatively personal and I’ve shared particular stuff via FB only with specific people, based on the content. The blog is also relatively anonymous, in that the vast majority of my blog audience don’t know me in real life – which is a dynamic that works well for me.

      So this setup – of the FB page – pretty much maintains that, while still giving me a wider reach.

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