The book (that’s still on the way)


When this blog hit the 10-year mark, I planned on compiling a “best of” – which would be an e-book collecting what I considered my most meaningful creative pieces over that period. It was quite a feat to go through so much content, but I eventually settled on a body of material that I believed would work. The idea was that there would be three distinct areas: poetry (the biggest portion), reflections and prose, and photography.

Over time, as I started seeing this more as book that I would publish professionally (and not just as a PDF on this site), the project evolved into a more trimmed-down publication that wouldn’t include as much photography – although imagery is still an integral part of the book. (“Trimmed-down” is relative, though, because I’m still sitting at around 160 pages 😊.)

Unfortunately, life took over, and the project fell dormant for an extended period. In an attempt to revive things, I started posting excerpts 9 months ago – to give you guys a taste of what I hoped would be wrapped up before too long. I’ve since taken on an excellent typography professional, and now decided on a thorough review and edit of the text, after which I should be ready to publish, God-willing.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into publishing options, too. Because visuals are heavily integrated into the book, print is probably going to be an unfeasible option. So I’m looking at retaining the e-book format, and possibly having a print-on-demand option for those who want a physical copy.

Things are moving again, so I’m hoping to be ready to publish closer to year-end – though it’s anyone’s guess what the exact timelines will be.

In the meantime, you can get a preview of the book cover (above), and the sample pieces already published:

This project is one that’s very close to my heart, so please make dua that everything goes well and it actually makes it to publication without any delays or issues.


5 thoughts on “The book (that’s still on the way)

  1. I really hope things go well In Sha Allah! Your writings are one of the most thought provoking and inspirational that I’ve come across, and I never read them if I am not in a headspace to process them properly. Good luck with it all! There will always be readers!

    • I’m actually feeling a bit more positive now that I realised I don’t even need to go through the complications of self-publishing platforms. Worst case scenario is I just sell directly from the site and take PayPal payments. Much less headache, given that I really don’t expect huge numbers – even if I were on Amazon etc

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