Book 2: You Suck!

Here’s one more piece from the book I’ve published.


So, here we are:
Dwellers of the concrete jungle,
Prisoners of our own, man-made environment;
the physical outside distorting the vision inside:
work in boxes,
live in boxes,
think in boxes.

Force-fed your vision of the world we inhabit,
Conditioned to accept the barrage of information which bombards us at hyper-speed.

and Weather…

Whether we actually need all this
is irrelevant to you.

Your product must be consumed.

Though you may have started as something meaning well,
Consumerism, technology, and the greedy puppet-masters above you
have transformed you into a monster that never sleeps.

A machine that churns out information –
partly true,
largely speculative,
many a time completely dishonest.

You paint a world plagued with problems –
from oil prices to xenophobia,
global food shortages to non-existent nuclear threats to your ‘civilised’ existence.

You pump out words and words and words;
Inviting the masses to addiction:
24-hour News channels,
up-to-the-minute website content,
inescapable posters, boldly spewing your headlines from every lamp post –
into our streets,
into our minds,
into our hearts.

You create a public mindset of fear and concern,
Fuelling the stresses of the ordinary mind,
Elevating man-made problems to the highest importance –
yet neglecting…even suppressing…the needs of the soul of humanity,
which must be nourished.

Yes. You suck.
You suck us all in.
Distort our view of Reality
by shaping our perceptions for us with sheer volume and repetition.

How I wish you were pure:
a return to basics,
being guided by morality,
being of unpolluted service to mankind.

But you’re not.
And so, I wish to escape your clutches,
And find – without your extreme ways –
true balance.

Date written:

June 2008


In the same vein as World-view, this piece focuses purely on the news media. By this time, I saw the need for it, but I was still intensely opposed to the bias and propaganda that came with it.

I felt assaulted by the news headlines which forced themselves into my consciousness: lining every lamp post; inescapable modern indoctrination that pushes this “product” to us in an age of information overload. An age where 24-hour news channels need content, so every previously-insignificant development is regarded as “breaking news”, and things which aren’t really important suddenly seem huge because the story is repeated again and again on our screens and across our media.

It’s as if what the news media outputs is the reality of what’s important in our world. But that isn’t true. It can’t be true – because the puppet masters who control the media do not control the world. Public perception, though, has always been a powerful tool, and it’s this that they manipulate to serve their own agendas.

My yearning, at the time, was for a purely fact-based, morally-guided news service. One where the sole purpose is to benefit humanity – with no other agendas. If you ever find something like this, be sure to let me know.



The full book – Let it Flow – is available electronically via Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo, and more. A print edition is available in South Africa via direct order.

If you’d like to see more, click the image below for a comprehensive sample:


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