Through the drought (and back again?)

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Cape Town was going through its worst drought in a century. At the time, we were on the brink of disaster, with just 2 months of water left in our dams before the dreaded “Day Zero” would arrive – the day when the authorities would turn off the water supply to most of the city, ad Capetonians would have to queue at collection points each day to collect just 25 litres per person – which is deemed the bare minimum for us to survive.

Thanks to the Almighty, this disaster was averted as we were blessed with abundant rain – starting in April, and heading all the way into September. The rain, along with very stringent water restrictions, and farmers generously donating their own stored water, resulted in our dams jumping from under 20% full (at the lowest, in April) to over 75% (by the end of September).

I partially captured these changes in photos over the course of the year:

Unfortunately, the rains have almost totally dried up again this October (the second month of Spring in this part of the world), and a current heatwave (or at least it feels like that) sparks fears that the relief was only temporary, and we’re heading back to the parched weather patterns…a return of our drought, with a long, hot Summer to still arrive.

Given the extreme weather events in other parts of the world this year, it’s anyone’s guess what kind of Summer we’ll have, and if we’ll even get rain again next Winter.

So, my message to everyone reading this is: when it comes to water – and indeed any blessing – appreciate what you have. You never know when you could lose it.

And whether you’ve faced drought or floods, the reality is that these extreme conditions remind us that although we live on this planet and act as though we own it, the Almighty is the true Owner and Controller of everything.

No matter what humans do, and regardless of any climate change or natural phenomena, the Creator and Sustainer of all life, all worlds, and absolutely everything, is the One Who can save us from any and every disaster.

4 thoughts on “Through the drought (and back again?)

  1. مَاشَآء اللّهُ. Loved the before and after pics. اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى always warns us that our sins will bring about drought. And we have to take into consideration that it’s the duas and SALAAH that did help in supplying rain. That shouldn’t lull us into lethargy. We must fight our nafs all the time. We must ask for Tauba everyday. So that He’s Mercy engulf s us. انشاءالله

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