Lessons from the moon

Moon over table mountain

The moon peers at me,
Nestled between the mountain and peak
this late Spring morning.

The sun has yet to arrive,
though the birds are out already –
seeking the bounty of their Lord,
relying on Him
in ways not many of us could ever fathom.

There’s peace in the silence:
inside, just the ticking of the clock,
reminding me of time’s endless march;
while outside,
stillness hangs over the air,
as the wind gently moves trees –
their own never-ceasing worship
which we humans can never comprehend.

Within a minute,
the earth rotates,
and the moon retreats
behind the mountain standing tall.

Full circle diminishing rapidly,
leaving just a sliver of the radiant, silver white reflection
which lights our night sky.

And then she’s gone,
never to shine her light on us during the coming daylight hours.

Yet she’ll be back long before darkness returns –
though paled in comparison
to the burning ball of flames
which energises our universe
as night turns to day…
darkness to light.

Such are the signs of our Creator:
visible to all,
day by day,
night by night.

One overtakes the other,
yet neither can claim arrogant triumph,
for the roles are reversed hours later,
as the world turns endlessly.

So too is a lesson for humanity:
power will wax and wane,
influence will grow then dissipate –
such are the cycles of our existence,
in this planet we call home.

What counts is the efforts we make
while our powers are at their peak.

For one day,
we too will fade away.
And like that once-radiant moon,
now descended below the horizon,
we too will descend
below the ground,
into our bodies’ final earthly resting place.

And like the moon that rises again the next night,
so too will we rise again,
yet that rising won’t be followed by a setting,
as we remain alive eternally thereafter.

The question is:
will that life be one of pain?
Or pleasure?

The answer lies in your hands.
Choose wisely.

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