Glimpses of Jerusalem

Some snaps from a 2011 visit to the Old City.

Other places in this series:

6 thoughts on “Glimpses of Jerusalem

  1. MashaAllah! How amazing this trip must have been! Now that I have gone to Makkah and Madinah, this is the next place I feel I need to go while on this earth. How were all the checkpoints and other modern day logistics, to put it nicely?

    • Predictably, we spent a good few hours in interrogation before we could enter. Others got questioned, though – not me. The facilities weren’t bad at all. The guards at the Al Aqsa compound weren’t too bad – though you had to prove you were Muslim before the group was allowed in. We didn’t get any other checkpoints, other than at Hebron. Shuhada Street there was segregated – like old Apartheid South Africa, except it’s the 21st century now.

      Really an amazing place to visit – if you can put politics aside and just enjoy the serenity and beauty of lands that are sacred to so many.

  2. مَاشَآء اللّهُ. I don’t think words are adequate. Please make dua that I visit there soon. انشاءالله آمين يا رب العالمين

    On Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 15:40, slip-sliding away….. wrote:

    > Yacoob posted: “Some snaps from a 2011 visit to the Old City. Other places > in this series: Makkah Madinah Durban Cape Town ” >

  3. It was undeniably my best experience alhamdulilah, your pictures takes me back to the experience of it all alhamdulilah I felt I was in a movie with all my encounters it was very profound!!!

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