Thoughts at 37,000 feet

Starry, starry night:
Hanging majestically over the Earth.
Adorning our night sky
with beautiful, radiant light.
Beacons of serendipity,
within the dark canvas
that stretches over this Sahara Desert.

I observe this from within the man-made metal bird,
A wonder – in itself:
how something so heavy,
so filled with people, luggage…things,
glides through this thin, cold air,
In the early hours of another day.

the people slumber:
wrapped in their blankets,
souls no longer with us –
having departed
for the uknown destinations
our inner beings visit each night.

Oblivious to the wonder
of the night sky
just outside this temporary dwelling we share.

Some have put themselves to sleep watching movies,
others drowning their consciousness in music,
while the wise among us may have read a book to pass the time.

Or perhaps,
the few,
have spent part of this night
in remembrance of their Creator.
Praying the obligatory,
though we could not fulfil all the conditions;
and reciting of His book –
a time undisturbed,
where we’re confined to this space,
without the distraction of the outside world –
though the spectre of entertainment
remains with us –
always available
to divert our attention
from that which benefits our souls, hearts, and minds.

As we fly over scattered civilisations,
illuminated with their orange lights,
I marvel at the vastness of our planet:
so many different cultures, languages, and people,
each living through its own set of joys and pains,
independent –
yet sometimes meeting each other;
living separate – yet connected – lives;
for we’re all one:
one species,
on one Earth,
under one sky,
under the loving gaze of One Creator.

And One Day,
we’ll all be together:
gathered in one place,
for a day with one purpose.

And on that Day,
I wonder
if I’ll remember this moment,
these thoughts,
and these companions…

all pieces
of a short episode,
lived and observed
at 37,000 feet.

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