Have any of you used daily or regular affirmations – whether spiritually-based or otherwise – to positive effect?

Whether they were in the form of gratitude, ambitions, or anything else – and whether they were written, spoken, or just consciously thought out.

If you don’t mind, please share your experiences here. I’d love to hear your stories.

6 thoughts on “Affirmations

    • Wslm. Short, powerful statements. When you say them or think them or even hear them, they supposedly become the thoughts that influence your reality.

      • So many. I lost count. Especially certain ayats from the Quran or certain thoughts from pious people. The effect of it was for that time, that moment. Once in itikhaaf, I came to this ayah in surah Yusuf. It affected me so badly that I couldn’t move past that ayah. I just broke down at that point. So I called moulana Rahmatullahi alai and he took my call. Even when I tried to recite the ayah, I just cried. Moulana helped me through it. I think at that point of life, it really applied to my state of mind. I alhhmdilillah

      • It affected me strongly and it was positive. Sometimes one seeks answers from Allah Ta’ala to certain situations in life. And it’s always something that one comes across that helps to affirm a feeling. And it happens via affirmations. My answers were always in that form. Weird but true. And the connection just gets stronger as time passes

  1. I keep a journal through which I talk to God and all that I say and ask and praise of him is positive. Not complaints. I also have made a choice to hear this side of my thoughts and ignore the rest, thoughts that see the good in each situation and encourage patience and optimism.

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