Window of Peace: an ode to the holidaze

I gaze out over the valley:
rolling hills met by pure blue ocean.
Nestled up here
in this palace of holiday leisure.

Blessed am I
to find myself within such tranquil surroundings.
The third leg of an extended break from life’s taxing troubles.

Walking among the wolves,
Meandering through the forest,
over the bridge – above untroubled waters,
flowing from inland to the sea;
calm and peaceful –
as nature’s been for centuries –
while we humans come here to find an inner peace
which we can’t access as easily
in our frantic, day-to-day lives.

Being one with the ocean once more:
daring the foaming white batallions to attack,
facing them head on,
and taking refuge as they strike –
causing little harm,
but delighting the senses
as I stand toe to toe
with the undying force of the ocean’s constant movement.

These are moments to savour,
treasured future memories which will live on
long after these feelings of freedom and relaxation have escaped.

For the grind of everyday life will soon return:
chains of responsibility, work-related productivity, and never-ending tasks
will soon find their way back
to subdue a soul that’s flown free for these few weeks.

Praying on the balcony this eve,
sun dissapearing behind the horizon to my left;
I recite those familiar words,
move in ways most natural to me by now,
and remain in prolonged prostration,
pouring my heart’s supplications out to my Lord –
wishes for a new year,
hopes for successful ventures,
dreams of ease at last –
after years of sometimes-unbearable emotional burdens.

The pitter patter of light raindrops kiss my skin –
at first sporadic and miniscule,
but growing stronger the longer I remain away from the world –
cocooned in my intimate private meeting with my Lord.

But rise I must,
for life awaits.
And soon the silence outside will end –
drowned out by the voices of others,
while inside,
solitude will be lost,
as I look forward
to my next Window of Peace.

4 thoughts on “Window of Peace: an ode to the holidaze

  1. Alhamdulillah, salat, as I am coming to understand, is the daily reprieve from the, as you aptly write, “chains of responsibility, work-related productivity, and never-ending tasks.” I used to view salat like one of those tasks to get over with. I’m careful to not use that language anymore… because really, it is salat that should be our anchor and all those others tasks we should be fitting into our live.

  2. Assalamu alaikum Br. Yacoob. Hope you’re doing alright. This poem really resonates with me, the life of this world can get so taxing at times that we all need our own breathing space regularly.

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