What are your best Hajj visuals? (and some new tips)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to Hajj – the most important journey of a Muslim’s life – pictures are priceless, because they capture the most precious moments in time on what is, for many, a life-changing experience.

This year, in addition to the Hajj tipsheets I usually publish, I’ve also worked with a group of last year’s Hujjaaj to put together some of those tips in visual form.

Feel free to share these with anyone going this year (or in future years):

Your best pictures?

Each year, I love to collect images of the Hajj – which mostly come from social media and news sources (like this collection from 2018).

However, what would be really cool would be more artistic / conceptual types of captures. Ones that don’t simply record a particular place or ritual, but capture a particular mood (e.g. the “Spiritual Connection” graphic above, or this one – taken just before entering the roof level of the Haram in Makkah).

If you’ve got some of these in your collection, or you’re on Hajj this year and have taken any, please share them with me.

They can be from Hajj or Umrah.

You can send your entries in as follows:

  • Via email.
  • By pasting a link in the comments.
  • By tagging me (@dreamlife.za) on your pic via Instagram.

What happens to the entries?

With your permission, I could use your shots in future visual Hajj tips (like the above). And closer to now, I may definitely publish a gallery of the images received on this blog.

It’s all about sharing the spirit of Hajj, so I’m looking forward to seeing some incredible shots from you guys.

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