Attention Please

Hey guys!
I wrote a new post this morning,
and it’s literally the most important thing in my world today.
Won’t you like it?
Share it?
You don’t need to say anything meaningful.
Heck, you don’t even have to read it…
Just acknowledge my effort.
(Ding! Ding! Ding!)
Thank you!

I put a new video up!
Take a look.
Ain’t it cool?
Tell all your friends.
And don’t forget to subscribe!
You’re the best!

The most profound thought crossed my mind.
I just had to tweet it.
Didn’t you see it?
Seriously…you need to follow me.
This thing is about to go viral!
(… Click…)
Great stuff, man!

Just posted a new picture.
This one’s really arty…
Gonna get a lot of attention soon.
Hop on before everyone else!
Won’t you give it a heart?

OK. Not this time, I guess.

This new status I wrote is amazing!
Hold on. Lemme put it up.
Can’t wait to see my contacts pushing up the views.
5 minutes and no views?
Is the WiFi working?
Maybe they’re all busy.
Yeah.. that’s it.
Just bad timing.
They’ll come around.
Just in case though, let me send it directly.
There. Done.
Where the heck is everyone?

OK…OK. I know.
This one is going to wake you guys up for sure.
You’ll love it!
Still nothing?
I don’t get it.
I tagged all the influencers. Used all the right hashtags.
But still nobody says a word!

Am I invisible?!
Might as well be…

But why?
I liked them.
Followed them.
Commented when I didn’t really have anything useful to say.
And what do I get in return?
Why do I even bother?
Do I need to put up a damn billboard to get your attention?!
What will it take to reach you?
Am I not important enough for 5 seconds of your time?!
Come on!
You need to see this….You need to see me!

Just a little star. A Like. A share.
Something, dammit!
I’ll just leave.
I don’t need you anyway.

And with that, (s)he stopped caring about others’ attention, and turned the focus inward. And lived happily ever after.

This piece is also done visually here:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

8 thoughts on “Attention Please

  1. Deep. Ive been thinking and talking to young people about being enslaved by social media. Some of them have it worked out more than me and I am supposed to be older and wiser. That said, I rinsed my instagram account and left only people who I have actual interactions with. Thats kind of making me less obsessed with stats.

    • Everyone likes attention….or at least *acknowledgement*. So I think nobody is safe from falling into an addiction like this. These platforms simply tap into a human need and magnify it.

  2. Very truly penned. Everyone are so getting trapped in the web of these likes and comments that they have forgot to live for themselves. May each one can live ‘happily ever after’.

  3. Actually I don’t have much except Facebook nd watsapp. Alhumdolillah
    That too I restrict my time to personal posts and searching or looking up people that contact me. I am a matchmaker so I search on Facebook for info

  4. Let us hope that more people stop caring about others’ attention! I had to face this “harsh” reality myself but luckily, I was never too enmeshed in this world. I was able to see it for what it truly is soon enough. But unfortunately, many never do!

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