Book marketing for dummies (where I’m the dummy)…plus exclusive content for you

Aside from publishing actual pieces from the book in progress, I’ve also dedicated several posts to updates on how things are progressing. And I think I’m finally ready to start on the proper launch marketing strategy.

Except I’m not planning to be very strategic….or at least, not in the way that many other self-published writers would be. I mean, I’ve listened to tons of podcasts about book marketing, and read many articles and tips. But, to be honest, it can all be overwhelming.

So, while I appreciate all of that wisdom, I’m going to just do my own thing – incorporating what feels right – from all those sources – without the stress of rigorous formulas and checklists.

Chances are, I’m not going to spread my message far and wide (can you hear the optimism?)…but that’s OK. I’ve gotten this far by following my own path and writing, editing, and everything else – intuitively. [<- maybe this is a euphemism for me just being lazy…but who’s keeping track? :)]

Email is (not) dead

Anyway…so one crucial element that everyone talks about for launch and promotion is an email list. If, like me, you thought email marketing doesn’t work – because people get annoyed by the amount of email they get – well…you’re wrong. (Or so say the experts.)

Email lists are a means of permission marketing – whereby people who want to hear from you opt in to receiving stuff from you regularly. If the sender is a company, that can be off-putting – because the focus is on selling you their product / service most of the time. For authors, the aim is to build a following by giving your readers value. And also selling your book. Obviously.

With my fledgling newsletter, I’m planning to offer you:

  • Pieces of the book (which I’ll try to keep visual).
  • Behind the Book: A multi-part chronicle of where the book came from and the road to publication (which will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers)
  • Your turn: A section where you can ask me anything, or get your own content shared (if it resonates with what I’m trying to do, of course).
  • And a bit more.

Sign up

So, without further ado, please sign up for the email newsletter – and join me on this journey towards the launch of Let it Flow.

I really appreciate your support 💙.

An painted statue of WInnie the Pooh behind a book titled

Pooh loves poetry 🙂

^ ^ ^ ^
That’s a literal interpretation of “Behind the book”. My daughter painted Pooh Bear…and yes, he appears to have chicken pox – or some other unpleasant medical condition 😉

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