Let it Flow: worldwide release

I’m pleased to announce that my book, Let it Flow, is now officially out worldwide as an e-book. It’s an anthology which brings together my most meaningful creative pieces – both poetry and reflections – written over the thirteen year life of this blog.

My hope in publishing this is that the different pieces within the book may inspire others, encourage those going through difficulty, and generally just be of some kind of benefit – however you choose to interpret the material.

It’s taken me three and a half years to finally get it all wrapped up, and in the end, the final book contains 36 poems and 16 reflections, coming in at roughly 190 pages.

Where to get it

I hope to publish a print version in 2020, but for now, the e-book is officially available via these stores:

I’m awaiting publication on possibly a few other platforms, too.

Each store has its own preview of the book, but if you’d like a more comprehensive preview sent to you, please email me.

The gallery

Though my primary output has always been the written word, this book has given me the opportunity to grow my visual media skills. In celebration of the release, here are some promotional graphics I’ve put together – which you’ll probably see on other platforms if you follow me elsewhere.

Feel free to download them, share them, and of course, recommend the book to friends and family, if you feel my content may resonate with them.

Behind the book: the road to publication

While the book itself covers a period of roughly thirteen years, it’s taken three and a half years in total to put it all together (as of the e-book release date). The series below captures the ups and downs of the process, hoping to give you some insights into the publication journey of a first-time self-published author.

  1. How it all began
  2. From blog to book
  3. Things fall apart
  4. Publishing decisions
  5. Making things happen
  6. Don’t dream it’s over

Future plans

As mentioned, I’m hoping to release a print version in 2020.

Along with that, I may also release a special edition – which reflects the original format I wanted for the book: each poem being accompanied by some background information which helps the reader to understand the context around the words that flowed into that particular piece. I deliberately removed that element of the book because I feel it’s better for people to interpret poetry in their own way, based on their own circumstances.

However, from previous pieces I’ve published on this blog – which included the background – I find that some people do appreciate the back stories, so the special edition – if released – will include those. If you’d be interested in that particular version, please leave a comment below, or email me.

Here’s the proposed cover for that version:


Thank you

Thank you to those of you who have supported me on this blog over the years, and all of you who will give this book a chance. I hope it’ll resonate with you on some level, inspire you, and benefit you.

Forced removal

For long-time readers, you may notice that huge chunks of this blog have disappeared. And that’s because, due to issues with Amazon’s policies, all content that’s in the book had to be removed from this blog. It’s unfortunate that I had to do this – because those pieces reflect the best of what I’ve written, and I always wanted them to be freely available to anyone visiting this blog. But, in order to list the book with Amazon, that content could not be published here. So it’s now available exclusively through the book. If, at some point in future, I remove the book from Amazon (while still keeping it up on other, not-so-fussy platforms), I will restore them all to the blog, God-willing.

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