It’s not for everyone…but it might just be for you

Late last year, I launched the electronic version of my anthology – Let it Flow. And while I’d like each and every one of you to purchase it, the reality is that when it comes to material we ‘consume’ (<- I hate that term…but it fits here), there are many more attractive options out there – so I’m not likely to grab the attention of most of you reading this blog.

That said, I’d like a few moments of your time to answer the question: “Why should I buy the book?”

What it’s not

If you’re looking for a scientific, research-backed book that’s going to help you improve some aspect of your life – like your focus, communication skills, or mindfulness – you’d best look elsewhere.

If you want to dive deep into a topic, and learn as much as you can in a concise, well-written package…you won’t find that here.

And if you’re up for stories of dashing escapades, intriguing mystery, or thrilling romance, this isn’t for you either.

You see, while thousands of other books exist to teach and entertain readers, this one follows the path of the impractical. It’s filled with poetry and prose – words which may be of little discernible value in today’s fast-paced, information-dense, politically and economically-obsessed world.

From the writer’s perspective, it’s a selfish endeavour: a deeply personal collection of material written through my twenties and thirties. A creative chronicle of my struggles, growth, observations, and journey – from an insecure young man, to the quest for marriage, fatherhood that followed, and adapting to the toils of adult responsibility, after a childhood that didn’t prepare me for such burdens.

So, why would you buy this book?

What’s in it for you?

Well, as humans, we relate to each other through sharing experiences. Sometimes, if we can convey our experiences and ideas well enough – through a story, a poem, or a thoughtful reflection – the one who receives gains far more than just knowledge, or a temporary thrill.

As a reader, you are inspired. Encouraged. The words resonate with you on a deeper level. You feel.

It’s said that what comes from the heart goes to the heart.

The collection of material within this book – as the title suggests – has flowed from my heart. I did not choose to write most of the pieces. I did not choose the words, the metaphors, the ideas. It all just came to me. It flowed through me – onto the page, as if it had a life of its own, and I was merely the instrument needed to bring it into the world of humans.

I don’t claim to be a poet – much less a skillful one. Yet the expressions that came through me manifested as poems which I hope will have a beautiful impact on you, dear reader.

And I don’t call myself a ‘thinker’ either. (In fact, the very term amuses me – as if the ‘thinkers’ are the only ones using their brains, and the rest of us are mere imbeciles.) Yet the thoughts made their way out into prose which, I hope, will cause you, dear reader, to ponder more deeply on situations in your own life – to your own benefit.

In the end, this book won’t be for everyone. But it might just be for you.

Take a look

So, all things considered, I invite you to download the sample – which is a bit more expansive than free pages provided in the online stores – and see if this is the kind of writing that moves you in some way.

If it is, please feel free to purchase it, and then let me know what you think of the whole collection. The purchase links for the e-book are at the end of this post, while the print version is due for release in early 2020. Send an email to me if you’d like to be added to the waiting list for that.

Thank you for your time, and may 2020 be the most prosperous, blessed, and happy year of your life.


Click the image below for the sample:


The book – Let it Flow – is available via Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo, and more.

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