(More) things I’ve seen

Over the years, this blog has always played host to carefully-curated sets of images – mostly my own pictures, but sometimes others, too. Since I started an Instagram account last year, unfortunately, I’ve gone the lazy route by posting most of my stuff there – depriving this blog of the colourful tapestry which has always given it a more visual feel than simply words.

It’s time to get back to the visuals…

Which of these is your favourite?

Do any of the images provoke a particular feeling, or memory within you?

Do let me know in the comments, please…


5 thoughts on “(More) things I’ve seen

  1. The inner tent I can certainly relate to as the father of two daughters who horde stuffed animals. Shiine On reminds me of warm nights in southern California. Tunnel Vision is also very interesting because I can’t figure out exactly what kind of shaft that is. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks very much.

      We actually had to get rid of tons of teddies and set limits. Otherwise our house just kept filling up with toys and teddies.

      Tunnel vision is actually the ground floor looking up at a staircase that goes up about 9 stories. I’ve always loved those views, and this particular one is at my university.

  2. I like the staircase shots because of the angling and different perspective, although actually being there looking down can be dizzying. I also like the marriage room shot, just because it’s not something you’d find in the US. Where is the located?

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