Paper rules: do you want a printed copy of the book?

While e-books are super convenient, for me, there’s no beating a printed book. The smell…the texture…the physical presence which demands that you pick it up and give it attention. Attention which is often exclusive – which often cannot be said when one is reading off a screen.

Having released the electronic version of my book late last year, I’m pleased to announce that the printed version will soon be out, God-willing.

I’m in the process of finalising the details with my printer, and at this stage, I’m also finding out how many I’ll need. So, if you’re based in South Africa and you’d like a copy, please email me to let me know. For those outside the country, it may be difficult for me to get it to you (if you care about delivery costs, that is), as I’m not working through a print-on-demand company. But let me know anyway and we can hopefully work out something.

Unlike the e-book, the printed version won’t contain colour pictures for the poems. I’ve gone for a more understated visual approach, using just a few black and white pictures within the pages.

For those wanting a sample first, click the image below for a PDF taster – which is more comprehensive than the sample provided in the online e-book stores.


And for those wanting the e-book, it’s available via Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo, and more.

Thanks for your support.




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