Let it Flow: the beginning

Over the next while, I’ll be publishing pieces of my book – Let it Flow – on this blog. If you like what you read, please consider purchasing the full book. The details are at the end of this post.


From an early age, I loved reading. It was my favourite pastime: the thrill of delving into other worlds…the words on a page coming to life. Naturally, this progressed to an affinity for creative writing. Teachers would compliment my work and encourage me to write outside of school. Though I appreciated those kind words, I didn’t see myself pursuing it as a career. I believed that a writer’s livelihood depended on inspiration and creativity – gifts which I couldn’t take for granted. So, at the age of seven, the threat of writer’s block killed what may have become a career in writing.

Creativity, and the love of reading and writing, later withered away, as I grew, and futile adolescent obsessions consumed me. I wrote only when forced – dull and uninspired school assignments.

This trend continued into university, until a personal turning point changed my life forever. It also served as a catalyst for my introspective side to resurface – putting me on a path of self-expression: a state of being where I was free to let loose what I held inside. Encouraged by a writer friend, this creative rebirth spawned poetry. I was amazed at how these expressions needed no thought. They just came to me…they flowed through me, onto the page. It was all so easy: the words, the sentence construction, the metaphors and similes… everything…everything was just there. My feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears…it all poured out of me, cathartically. I didn’t stop to edit. I didn’t let my left-brain tendencies stifle the creative process. I just let loose whatever needed to be released.

My words found a public home on the blog I started, and as the writer inside me grew in confidence, I became more willing to share my inner self with others.

The collection before you serves as a creative timeline – bringing together my most significant written expressions from my twenties and thirties. Most have appeared on the blog, although some previously unpublished works are also included.

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Poetic outpourings on life’s journey.
  2. The quest for love and marriage, and what came after.
  3. Reflections on life.

I hope that you enjoy the contents of this book and take benefit from it.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


The full book – Let it Flow – is available electronically via Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo, and more. A print edition is available in South Africa via direct order.

If you’d like to see more, click the image below for a comprehensive sample:


6 thoughts on “Let it Flow: the beginning

  1. Nice, Yacoob :).

    This is such a perfect description of how it’s been for me too— the preluding stuff before writing, and the process of writing poems, how it just flows out— at least in the absence of jarring background noises.

    I plan to buy your book when I can afford to 😀.

    • Thanks, Robin 🙂 It’s in the inner silence that our souls have the freedom to pour out such words. Most of the time – in the presence of other people, as well as thoughts of responsibilities – it just doesn’t come.

      • Yeah :). I long for the day I have control of my environment again! It will come! And it will be beautifully peaceful :D.

        Eventually— and this just occurred to me— I’ll have a soundproofed shed!!

      • Peaceful piano music played through noise-cancelling headphones, and consciously letting go like with meditation, help a lot though :).

  2. It’s interesting to read you went through a similar ‘uninspired and unproductive’ phase, like me. I think adolescence does that to you lol!! What was the catalyst that inspired you to write again? (Sorry if that’s too personal a question.) Either way, well done on finding your passion and creativity again. Hope you’ll write a follow up post to this about your journey and maybe where you see yourself in a couple of years time. 🙂

    • I would say it was a spiritual awakening, followed by a change in environment which gave me a lot more solitude…the psychological and emotional space to express myself in what was a personally very challenging period. The writing was a cathartic release for the rivers of whatever it was u held inside, but had never expressed….

      I should actually write something further…

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