Flow Fulfilled



Four years ago,
you were a mere seed,
born out of a desire to share
the best of a decade of expression;
collected in a single place
for all to read.

And so began
the process of sifting through
words and images –
a gargantuan collection
of material previously sent out to the world,
residing in my little corner of the World Wide Web.

And then,
at last,
you emerged
from the virtual pile –
a vision of what would become
a real book
housing all I hoped to share;
to inspire, encourage, and teach;
give others insights into the inside,
so that perhaps
they may understand,
or that something would resonate,
offering deeply personal value
that words cannot encapsulate.

Cut, copy, and paste;
re-write, enhance, remove;
find the themes;
assemble a flow
which will ease the audience
through years of personal experience:
pain and persistence,
joy and triumph,
lessons and wisdom,
gathered along life’s path.

Yet, your voyage was halted,
as life’s new challenges arose;
throwing you off course,
almost sinking you,
as you lay
floating under the surface of my consciousness.

Time passed,
and you remained in waiting,
patiently biding the months
until the anchor was lifted.

And as you emerged from your slumber –
slowly but surely –
I knew there was no turning back,
for you had to be completed,
you were too important to be left unfinished.

On we went,
through more nips and tucks,
creative decisions and valued feedback,
after-work efforts and late nights in front of the screen;
then materialising
as a tangible,
printed object of pride;
for all to see –
the highlight of years of toiling,
condensed into this beautiful package of paper and ink.

But we were far from done,
as the tasks mushroomed,
and potential costs spiralled –
coinciding with yet another set of personal storms,
threatening to once more sink you,
at a time when you felt agonisingly close to being finally ready.

And as I pondered giving it all up,
wise words from my past self emerged –
reminders leaping out from your very pages –
giving me comfort through the chaos,
hope that I would make it through,
and, eventually…someday…make it back
to give you the grand send-off you deserved.

And as troubles melted away,
new life was breathed into you,
and I hurtled – full speed ahead –
to the now-visible finish line;
the final fulfilment of this long-suffering dream.

New hurdles emerged,
yet I took them in stride,
finding solutions in my quest,
at last,
presenting you to the world –
an electronic edition
revealing my secret
to many who knew nothing of the writer in me.

And now,
as we approach our very last chapter –
paper being readied
to host your words,
for those who prefer to hold you without a screen –
I look forward
to finally stopping;
finally resting;
finally letting you go.

Fourteen years of material.
Four years of work.
Two editions of your content.
And one legacy
that will remain in this world
after I’m gone.

May your words touch the hearts and souls
of all who read them;
and may your impact be felt
far and wide,
for generations to come.

Let it Flow.
Let it Flow.
Let it Flow.

Written as I prepare to send out the printed copies of the book, and hopefully move on to new creative ventures. For a bit more detail into the publishing journey, read the Behind the Book series.

If you’d like to support my work, you can purchase the book – Let it Flow – electronically via Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo, and more. A print edition is available in South Africa via direct order.

There’s also a comprehensive sample available by clicking the image below:


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