Eid Mubarak

Since I probably won’t post again until afterwards…Eid Mubarak to you and your families. May the good deeds you’ve done this Ramadaan act as seeds which, after this month, break through and bloom, so that – going forward – your life will be one of even greater faith; clearer vision – to see things for what they really are; beautiful character; and the toufeeq to live in positivity and optimism, being a shining light for all those whose lives you touch.

May you take forward the lessons – the personal, tailor-made wisdom which was bestowed on you this month – so that you can live with ever-increasing contentment and happiness, with the strength and sabr to bear any of the trials you will inevitably face on the road of life.

When this month leaves you, please honour it by making an intention to take forward its gifts to you – even if it’s just one action, habit, conscious thought, change of perspective….something. An intention to make that one thing a permanent fixture in your life.

May the spirit of Ramadaan live on within us. And may we live to see the next one, in a more prosperous world, and in a far better internal state.


(PS: feel free to use the image below for your Eid greetings. I know we all collect and recycle them every year, so I’d be honoured if you use this one 🌛)

Eid Mubarak_JPG~3.jpg

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