What if…?

What if this all ended tomorrow? If COVID suddenly disappeared from our planet.

Not via a cure. Nor a vaccine. Nor any human effort at all.

What if it was gone? Just like that. 

Like a sci-fi movie, where the head villain is defeated, and all his minions…all the forces of evil…suddenly disintegrate.

What if you wake up tomorrow and COVID is gone?

This whole episode – the mass fear; the lockdowns; quarantine; social distancing; masks; hand sanitiser….all of it. All just…gone. Overnight.

Would you be happy? Happy that things can go back to the way they were? Or would you, in some ways, be sad? Sad at losing the routines and way of life you got used to.

Sure, you’d gladly say goodbye to those things which added intense stress to your life.

Perhaps the financial pressures inflicted on you because of what’s changed. Or the craziness of emergency homeschooling while still trying to work. Of everyone being confined to the same small space at home, because your occupations all became remote. Or having to sanitise your groceries before using or packing them away. Or wearing a suffocating mask whenever you’re in public, and thinking twice about touching anything outside your home.

But what would you miss?

Working from home? Not having to deal with traffic, parking, and physical interactions in the work environment.

Would you miss flexible hours? Getting to arrange your time in ways more efficient and balanced to your own wellbeing, rather than ‘company time’.

Would you miss those breaks in the work day? Where you can walk outside, perhaps play with the kids, and just be a lot more at ease than you would in your regular work space.

Since this pandemic started…since the gravity of the situation sunk in, we’ve assumed that this is going to be a long-term reality. That, for at least 18 months – until such time as a successful vaccine is ready – that the world would simply live under this cloud of fear and constraint. That the world had forever changed.

And, to help counter the negativity, we celebrated the positives that came out of all of this – in our personal lives, environmentally, and globally, in changing patterns and behaviours collectively embraced by humanity.

This pause was our opportunity to make changes. Changes that would make our lives better, once the crisis had passed.

But, as time has worn on, that optimism…that vigorous enthusiasm…may have faded. Like our positive intentions and zeal after an impactful conference or event, often, we eventually slip back into old habits and patterns of thinking – albeit this time, within ongoing constraints.

But what if those constraints – both physical and psychological – were suddenly lifted?

What changes would you want to take forward? And – equally importantly – what systems or actions have you put in place to ensure that you succeed in those intentions?

These are questions worth asking, because the reality is that this scenario could play out at any time. I truly believe it could.

And if it does, are you prepared to save the changes?

Think about it…


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4 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. I enjoyed reading this, Yacoob. Many good questions to carry through the day; thank you. I wish we were not so afraid of stilling and pondering, and willing to change direction.

  2. Alhamdulillah, I agree with you. I love being able to work from home. It’s even helped me come closer to Allah swt inshaAllah. I’m going to advocate for working from home once things settle down, but honestly I’m afraid positive changes won’t be made on the administrative level. We’ll see

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