Corona Times launched: get the free book here

As previously mentioned, a colleague and I have spent the past 2 months putting together a collection of pandemic-inspired writing – which will hopefully be an important artefact of this period. This book aims to give future readers insights into how COVID affected those of us who are living through it, beyond the mere statistics and news stories which will be preserved in popular media.

I’m pleased to announce that it is now ready for release.

Head on over to the launch site for the book, or alternatively, get it directly from here:

The e-book is provided completely free of charge and may not be sold. Please share it with anyone who may enjoy it.

You can either download the PDF or read the book online. It’s also available (free) as an e-book on these platforms:


If you find it inspiring, or beneficial in any way, please share it with others. This is a completely independent, small-scale effort done without the help of professional publishers, and with no marketing budget nor any major promotional assistance in the mainstream media.

The contributors generously allowed their work to be used – with no compensation whatsoever – so please also check out their own books, websites, and efforts (which are all linked at the back of the book).

You may also leave a Goodreads review if you wish.

It’s been an honour  and a privilege to work on this collection, and I hope it will have a positive impact on all who read these words.

Thank you


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