An Eid of Remembrance

While the exact day may differ depending on where you are, the occasion remains the same, so for those of you celebrating: Eid Mubarak.

May Allah accept all your fasts, duas, salaah, charity, and other efforts this month, and give you the willpower and strength to continue with some degree of extra effort in the year to come – even though it likely won’t match what you’ve achieved this month.

Remember that the best deeds are those that are consistent, even if they’re small or few. So, be realistic with what you can do sustainably, and take forward just that little extra – but be firm and regular on it. (Here’s some great advice on that from Shaykh Hussain Abdul Sattar: Dropping Anchors after Ramadan.)

Shattered expectations

If – like me – you’ve had a strange and disrupted month, which didn’t reach the levels of spirituality and striving which you hoped for, don’t fret. It all played out the way it was supposed to, so take whatever lessons you can from the experience, build it into your character, and go forward with a little bit more wisdom.

Appreciate whatever goodness there was. Be thankful for whatever you did – both for yourself and others; and whatever you received – much of which remains as hidden rewards which you may only see in the realm beyond this life. With Allah, our efforts are *never* wasted. And besides, it’s likely that this month was still far greater – on a personal level – than most other months of the year.

Remember them

And while you celebrate this joyous day, remember those who are not so fortunate, be they Muslim or of other faiths, for our religion requires that we care for all of humanity – not just those within our own groups, families, or localities.

Pray for those who live in extreme poverty. Those who live in war zones. Those who live with all kinds of struggles – including the hidden ones, mentally and emotionally – which they never show outwardly.

Especially remember those who live under oppression – who are robbed of their very homes in front of their eyes, while much of the world pays no attention because their view of it is tainted by political reporting and constant propaganda.

Watch the videos (freely available on social media, and not just the carefully-packaged corporate news media), and listen to or read the testimonies of those who are suffering – so that you understand their situation from a *human* perspective, instead of simply chalking it off to never-ending political conflicts. There’s tremendous injustice going on before our very eyes, with some people behaving almost demonically in the immense cruelty they dish out to those they consider inferior to them.

Such oppression will never last, and all of this will be dealt with in complete justice – if not in this life, then definitely in the one to come.

But for now, support those in need…those going through hell on earth…especially via your prayers.

[Images: Ramadaan in Jerusalem (courtesy of Fwaz Tobasy)]

2 thoughts on “An Eid of Remembrance

  1. Eid Mubarak, Yacoob (is that correct?). Through my daughter I am learning more about your faith, and she informed me today that several of her Muslim classmates are off Thursday and Friday for Eid. My knowledge of religions (even the one I was born into) is sadly lacking. I do hope you and your family enjoy your celebration.

    • Thanks, Vance. Yes – that is correct. It’s a wish for blessings (baraka) on this celebratory occassion.

      We never know for sure when it will be…many were certain our Eid in SA would be Thursday, but – being tied to the lunar calendar – the moon was not sighted here tonight, so we have an extra day and will celebrate Friday, God-willing. For you guys in the UK, as well as in the Arab world and elsewhere, it’s Thursday.

      It would be nice to have it all together worldwide, but that seems quite rare in recent times. Regardless, it’s still an occassion of joy for us all – the first of two such occassions in the Islamic year (the second being EId ul Adha, commemorating the end of the Hajj pilgrimage a few months from now).

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