Presents for the Future

Yellow and grey train passes
on this sunny, late winter’s morn.

As always,
the birds are out in force,
their never-ceasing chorus of tweets and songs
far more beautiful
than the tweets and songs we flood our minds with.

So many remain
disconnected from these natural wonders,
living our lives in a made-up world –
read, watch, share, Like, comment…
but why can’t we escape?

And go back to childhood –
when these weapons of mass distraction didn’t exist,
and we played with sticks and stones,
delighted in flights of handmade kites,
made flick-knives out of used ice cream sticks,
burnt leaves with magnifying glasses,
blew bubbles on jungle gyms,
raced each other and did cartwheels…
playing outside for hours on end –
no screen fatigue
nor humped necks from constantly staring down.

We were young and free…
childhood bliss.

Do you remember
climbing trees
and making forts in bushes?

Skateboarding down hills…
no helmet or knee guards in sight.

Hide and Seek,
Black Shoe,
and all the other games
that required nothing extravagant –
just our hearts immersed
in imaginative play;
hours spent occupied by a mere bat and ball,
as we pretended to be our sporting heroes
who remained out of reach –
no social media to connect us to their every thought.

But humanity evolves,
or devolves –
the choice is ours,
for technology is neutral,
and we decide
whether it raises or lowers us.

Generations have gone before,
many will go after;
and all we have
is this moment in time –
our tiny spec
on the spectrum of collective human history.

May we fill it with only good,
shun vice
and instead be the vicegerents we were put here to be,
so that on that Day,
when we stand before Him,
we can say –
without doubt or regret –
that we did what we could,
with what we had;
using our present
to build gifts
for our future:
freedom no longer fleeting,
a life of eternal bliss…
back to our original Home:
Paradise regained.

One thought on “Presents for the Future

  1. Beautiful poetic reflection and journey, Yacoob. I wish more of our adult choices would be rooted in both wisdom and some of the playfulness and lightness of childhood…and certainly, in love.

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