At Day’s End

At day’s end,
I sit by the window
watching glimmers of the sun’s light
shine brightly on the horizon,
soon to fade
as he makes his way under the ocean
on the other side of the mountain in my back yard.

The chirping of birds
accompanies the white noise
of the distant highway,
a barking dog,
a ball being kicked,
and the silent worship
of trees swaying
in the gentle breeze beyond this glass.

Water ripples
in the bird bath below,
while clouds atop
glow orange and grey,
interspersed within the dusty blue skyline
which will soon turn grey
then black
as night creeps over my world.

Yet, as I sit here
after a long day’s exertions,
people on opposite sides of the world
welcome new days,
in different worlds,
both urban and rural,
brimming with light and life,
tasks of work and pleasure to undertake.

What will they achieve today?
Who will find love?
Who will experience loss?

Who will face agony unspoken? –
invisible to the world outside,
yet burning holes within
as they try to get through
just one more day
without cracking;
presenting a happy façade
to people strange and familiar,
who know nothing
of the unseen burdens they bear,
hour after hour,
minute after minute.

And when their day comes to a close,
the mercy of sleep ready to sweep away
the troubles that weighed
so heavily on their tattered souls,
may the night bring
sweet escape and rest;
rejuvenation to meet the next morn:
a fresh start,
new hope,
and a chance to grow beyond
the invisible walls
that cut them off from joy and contentment.

Take comfort,
O weary soul,
for day’s end beckons,
and all that troubles you will fade –
dissipate with the light beyond your soul’s windows –
and the light within will grow,
regenerate your spirit,
and give you the strength
to move on
to brighter days.

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