You wish to write something that will touch a heart. Reach down into someone’s soul and resonate with them. Find an emotional connection – delving deep beyond the surface masks we wear when we face the outside world – the people we interact with, the places we go, the things we must do…the identities we carry.

Strip it all away, and what’s left at the core?

Is it beautiful, unrefined, love so raw? Care and compassion, ethereal and indescribable?

Or is it lazy and over-indulged? Waiting for the next high. Pleasure the goal, never seeking anything more meaningful.

Perhaps, at this point, you are more inclined towards the latter.

And so, the words don’t come.

Nay – forget words. Words are only an end result.

They stem from the source within. That core which bubbles with radiating emotions that seep out…leaking through your fingers, onto the keyboard, then onto the virtual page.

And you then feel that pull – that urge – to share it immediately. The fruits of your mind made visible for all the world to see.

Yet very few will lay eyes on it.

Far fewer will even care.

Such is the nature of life
in a world so intoxicated – drowning –
in content and over-connection.

And so, you’ll hesitate and wonder:
Is this worth posting?

You’ll feel the dread – the disappointment of times passed,
coming back to haunt this new venture.

And you’ll try to prepare your mind
for the inevitable ignore-ance that awaits.

Yet you secretly hope
that someone will like it.
That many will enjoy it – take benefit from these simple words
which were born out of so much more.

there’s nothing to share.

Nothing profound or emotional within.

And so you click click click away at this keyboard,
wondering if anything good will arrive.


The tap must be open
for the gunk to first exit.

Only then, perhaps,
will the stream of inspiration eventually flow,
satiating you once more.

Keep going.
Just keep going.

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One thought on “Drips

  1. So goes the creative process, doesn’t it? It’s nice to touch hearts and be rewarded with praise; how much better though, to tap into one’s heart and uncover one’s truth.

    Thank you, Yacoob!

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