Intentions for a New Year

I’ve been unable to carve out much time to do year-end reflections of late. I hoped to, and had a few templates to use, but in this week off – my only holiday this year-end – both time and space has been almost completely filled, leaving just scraps – moments where I can actually think without being closed in on by something (or someone) else.

Going back to the office for a few days last week certainly helped. Because no one else was around, I got a little of the peace that my soul has lacked in the 18+ months of this pandemic thus far.

I love working from home, of course, but not so much when the kids are on holiday and there are always people around me.

I’m a creature of solitude, so that alone time – no matter where it may be – helps to bring back the balance which was taken away when Corona barged into our lives.


From the reflective moments I’ve had recently, I was able to come up with some intentions for the new year, God-willing. Not plans, and not resolutions. Because I have not set out schedules and concrete methodologies to make sure these ideas become a reality; the work of goal-setting, and habit-watching, etc, is just too strenuous after a long year. But these are merely things I’ve learnt about myself – and how I spend my time – which I wish to carry into the coming year.

A sort of informal collection of lessons learnt, converted to regular actions I hope to establish to enhance the coming year.

But along with that, I came across an important snippet I wrote in a journal entry earlier this year. The advice – a gift from my past self – was specific to a certain context, but I actually think it’s more timeless and universal.

And it’s definitely a mindset – a set of mental ambitions – I would like to absorb and apply heading into 2022:

Let go of expectations and the need for perfection.

Try your best  with what  you have.

And try not to complain.

And try not to think or talk negatively.

Aim for Yes, or I’ll Try…instead of I Can’t.

And try to see the beauty in things.
And try to be present in the moment.

And. just. be.

Whether or not I’ll succeed, only time will tell.

But for now – while life is still relaxed – I wanted to take the time to document this so that I can keep coming back to it when I need reminding.

What about you?

Have you found time to look back on the year, and consider some conscious intentions for the next one? What are the things you’d like to take forward?

3 thoughts on “Intentions for a New Year

  1. I love the way you sift through past insights and see their value now as a gift to yourself, Yacoob. I like to look back through the year’s photos as a kind of visual review that prompts recollections, and the year’s writing, too. I don’t resolve actions or intentions for the new year, but I do pray for peace and increased gratitude as I move forward into my waiting future.

    Blessings to your new year. I hope it will be rich for opportunities to pursue your gifts and passions, Yacoob

    • Thanks, Kitty. I’ve been keeping a journal for more than 11 years, but rarely go back to read old entries. When I do though, it’s nice to find such nuggets. Personal treasure from times gone by.

      May your coming year bring much more peace and gratitude, and may you continue to share your gentle wisdom and encouragement with us all 😊.

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