Spring cleaning the soul

Guess who’s coming to town?
It’s not Santa Claus.
And it’s not the president.


It’s a bevy of angels,
joining us for Ramadaan
the month of Mercy,
when their mischievous counterparts are restrained,
and Allah’s noor floods our universe
for a period unlike any other in the year.

And while we prepare
our fridges and clothes and gifts,
the most important preparation of all
is that of the hearts.
The receptacle which awaits the noor of Ramadaan…
an annual gift from our Lord, Most High.

Physical changes –
schedules and eating habits –
are obvious enough.
But what of the internal state that no one sees?

The desires we harbour.
The thoughts we entertain.
The grudges we bear.
The negativity we allow to poison our souls,
drip by drip,
until a pool of darkness fills within us,
a shadow that clings to our spirits,
weighing us down for reasons we can never quite pinpoint.

Ramadaan is our chance to reset.
To throw off the shackles.
To proactively try to be better.

An effort made easier
because we do so in community:
     We all strive.
     We all try.
     Even the least spiritual among us.

It’s a season of abundant blessings.
Opportunities to share what we have.
To sit in the company of the righteous,
and drink from the fountains of wisdom.
To traverse an Ocean without shores…
Allah’s Words,
always there for us,
but more visible… more potent,
in this month,
the anniversary of its arrival on Earth.

Each day,
take the time to sit
in solitude.
Soak in the silence.
Listen to your heart,
while it’s a little purer than normal –
the dust of life shaken off,
your spirit invigorated by Ramadaan’s bounty.

What does your heart say to you?
What hurt does it carry?
How can you help it to heal?
What foundations can you now build,
in this boundless little space within you,
to make your life a better place to inhabit?

Express what you must:
pour it all out;
in writing or speech or art…
whatever works best.

And then turn
to the One Who knows all that you are,
and all that you are not.

The One Who understands you better than any other.
The One Who knows
     your most private thoughts,
     your most difficult struggles,
     your most beloved ambitions,
     your dearest hopes.

The One Who has always been with you…
closer than your jugular vein.

The One Who loves for you to ask of Him.
The One Who’s always there
     to hear your pleas,
     to guide your heart,
     to cleanse your soul.

Turn to Him in dua
for it’s the most powerful thing you can do.
The only way to change your destiny.
The slave
in all sincerity,
before the Master –
humility laying bare your true status…
your true position
in the eyes of the One Who matters most.

The time is near…
Ramadaan is on our doorstep.
A time ripe for spring cleaning the soul.

5 thoughts on “Spring cleaning the soul

  1. Beautiful, Yacoob. I hope your Ramadan is filled with light and your heart with peace. Both Ramadan and Lent seem to invite deep healing and rebalancing. I hope all of us putting our energy and spirits into following these paths, and others committed to Love, can also help heal and rebalance the world.

    • Thank you, Kitty. It’s the kind of spirit the world is in desperate need of, and I hope that the atmosphere extends universally – even to those of different faiths.

  2. I don’t know enough about Ramadan but your post is so inspiring that I wish to know more. Just beautiful Yacoob, I will investigate further – we all need a season of reflection.

      • Thankyou for sharing this information Yacoob, both posts were very interesting. Google tells me that in Australia Ramadan is celebrated between 2nd April and 1st May this year. I have a little time to prepare for it and I think I will try to follow, as far as possible, the guidelines and learn more about some of the Muslim traditions and faith while I do so. I have been interested in fasting for health and tried it before and found it good for energy. I had not tried it for the purposes of the spirit. I believe it will be a very special month.

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