Gentle light flickers into this home,
the nascent glow of early morning
filtering in through blinds half closed.

Dark night banished
by golden rays,
kissing all they touch
with the warmth of morning breath
far fresher than that which proceeds
from human mouths
at this early hour.

Light dances with dark,
patterns shimmering in unison
with trees outside,
swaying in the morning breeze –
a gift to those who forsake
the warmth of their beds
on this lazy Sunday morning.

Soak it in –
as much as you can –
once the others awake,
the atmosphere will be transformed:
seconds of solitude
by tasks of everyday life:
kids to feed,
dishes to wash,
shopping to be done…
the creative soul overwhelmed
by the cauldron of commerce
in which we must swim
to attain supplies for the week ahead.

As I move on with the day,
I pray,
the morning’s glow will stay,
accessible within my mind’s eye –
a blankie for the soul,
to feel whole.

Inspired by Kate Duff’s piece from yesterday, which reminded me of an experience and feeling that always captivates me.

Image courtesy of Chase Lewis on Unsplash

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