His Majesty

The golden dome glows,
accompanied by the illuminated minaret,
both beneath the black sky
holding the half lamp
of this Ramadaan night.

Beneath all this,
the worshippers stand in dedication –
Divine Words pouring forth
from speakers so loud,
spiritual light
brightening this dark night.

Stars twinkle high above,
no doubt accompanied by angels
who have come to witness
this nightly display
of slaves dedicated to the All-Merciful,
standing in prayer on so blessed a night.

I stand outside,
witnessing the beauty of it all:
perfection on Earth,
if ever there was…
His Majesty on display in front of my very eyes.

And while these hours and nights
slowly slip away,
I know that before long,
we’ll approach the final Ten:
a time for extra exertion,
heightened spirituality
for those fed abundantly
by Ramadaan’s soul food.

And when that finish line comes –
the faint crescent moon
marking the Day of Celebration,
we’ll rejoice,
but also mourn,
for it will be another 11 months
before such days and nights visit us again.

But now is not the time
for such wistful thoughts,
for there are weeks ahead
in which to soak in the bounties of this month.

A time to recommit,
exert ourselves,
and internalise
the benefits we hope to carry forth
once life returns to ‘normal’…

Hopes that a new norm will be born.
A norm where little moments (like this)
constantly remind us
of the gifts we receive
not only in Ramadaan,
but through every second of our existence.

For God is always with us,
through times good and bad
(and everything in between),
and it’s our duty to
inculcate that consciousness,
appreciate the blessings,
and praise Him –
through word
and deed
and abstention
from all that would earn His anger.

His Majesty encompasses us always,
if we would only open our inner eyes
and take notice.


([Mostly] Written on the 7th night of Ramadaan; 8th April 2022)

PS: You can find more Ramadaan visuals via my Instagram collection here.


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