The Final Push

They say that it comes on the 27th night.
And the efforts that most exert
certainly attest to that.
For we all want
to catch the barakah
of a thousand months
rolled into one.

And when the congregation is done,
they chant farewell
to this blessed month…
But do so erroneuously.
It’s not over yet.

Though we know
that Laylatul Qadr could fall
on any of the last 10,
and the learned constantly advise that we seek it;
our cultural habits are so ingrained:
27th night syndrome,
after which
the switch is flipped.

Eid mode enabled in an instant:
the spirit of striving gone,
as thoughts
and activities turn
towards the blessed day of celebration.
Its food,
and gifts.

And though that day deserves its due,
Ramadaan, too,
deserves much more.
Can we let the last few days and nights
fall by the wayside?
Do we know, for sure,
that we’ll live to see them once more?

The hard work is not yet over.
It’s not yet time to relax.
It’s not yet time to forget –
for another 11 months –
this blessed visitor
who still resides in our homes
until that silver sliver is spotted.

So, though you feel the strain
of so many days and nights that have passed,
strive just a little more:
let not these golden nights and days pass
without sincere devotion:
efforts which will weigh so heavily on our scales
come the Day when we need them most.

The sign of acceptance
is that you maintain the good
even after the month is gone.

So, while we still stand
within this shower of barakah,
let us gather those final drops
which will feed the soil
in which we’ve planted the seeds of goodness
that we hope will blossom
in the year to follow.

Squeeze out as much as you can,
according to your ability
and time constraints.

Do not be shamed
by the efforts of others
being far superior to your own:
for you will meet your Lord alone,
and on that Day,
you will speak on what YOU said and did.
So ignore the thief of joy –
for comparison can bring only negativity
if we hold
to standards unrealistic for our own lives.

Do what YOU can –
be it little or lots –
but always remember
that the foundation,
is sincerity.

Count not the remaining days and nights,
O Muslims,
but make those nights and days count.

The final push is upon us.
Don’t get left behind…

One thought on “The Final Push

  1. I’ve really appreciated learning about your faith’s journey during Ramadan, Yacoob. Thank you for all the spiritual depth and invitations. Joy to your own heart’s path. May you and your beloveds be blessing and blessed.

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