Streaks of clouds,
light and grey,
punctuate Ramadaan’s final morning sky.

Barakah abundant;
how I’ve soaked it in this month,
and now,
at the end,
wave after wave
fills my heart:
a Divine tide
unfelt for far too long.

Will you stay with me,
O tranquillity?

Will you be my safety net
when the storms of life
come roaring back?

Red leaves sit on the fence below,
clinging on for dear life;
Autumn transformation giving beautiful colour –
one last hurrah
before Winter’s sparsity arrives.

Birds in flocks suddenly appear in the distance:
no, four.
a gift of this precious
undisturbed space and time.

Hadedas call to each other.
Their crude speech
a lifelong soundtrack to my ears,
whether back in my hometown or here.

The dusty pink and blue sky gives way
to muted shades of white,
as God’s life-giving lamp prepares
to make his entrance
from below the silhouette
of mountains in front of me.

A rooster crows –
a reminder of humble beginnings
where their wake-up calls
littered neighbourhoods
of my formative years.

The symphony of birds
grows louder,
as the cat below me stretches…
sitting stoically for so long,
her stillness an ongoing lesson
in mindful quietness.

And though there’s more beauty to behold
this fine, precious morn,
I must depart from this peaceful vantage point.

For the world must turn,
these moments to pass.

The day awaits…

3 thoughts on “Streaks

    • Thanks, Kitty. We have an extra day of Ramadaan today (Monday, with Eid tomorrow), so these moments were a beautiful parting gift for the final morning.

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