The Last Ones Left

Once, we were young,
Spring green and so fresh.
Watching the little ones play,
bike rides and skateboards,
races and hide & seek –
childhood occupations
so carefree,
as endless Summer days crawled by.

Then came Autumn,
a time ripe for a fall,
yet most of us stayed put,
happily living
on our fence
so comfortable,
security that would never fail us.

Days and nights passed,
and the weaker among us withered away,
dropping to the soft grass beneath –
a comfortable resting place
upon which we witnessed
our distant destiny.

The season deepened,
our shades growing darker:
and brown,
dry and brittle,
as more comrades slipped
off our invincible roots –
branches that remain
come rain or shine.

We caught the morning sun,
felt the biting cold,
as frigid nights arrived,
followed by frosty mornings.

We bade farewell
to family and friends,
a mass exodus
as wind and weather
plucked more and more of us off.

And now we are few,
hanging on for dear life,
clinging stubbornly as we refuse
to join our fallen comrades.

And though we grow lonelier by the day,
still we stay
until our fate is sealed,
death a sure deal.

Mourn us not,
observant friend,
for our lives were full,
though always destined to end.

And as we’re swept off,
Winter’s doorstep ushering us away,
remember that you, too,
must follow one day.

So, live life to the full,
appreciating all you have;
a life of gratitude,
little time to be sad.

Take lessons from our song,
learn wisdom from the trees,
nature’s classroom your constant teacher
as Autumn leaves.

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