Lonely Leaf

Lonely leaf
fluttering through the sky,
mountain behind you,
beneath the dull, blue sky.

Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
Were you always red?
Even when it was snowing?

Is it Autumn now?
Were you once green?
Does it really matter?
Your beauty is serene.

Lonely leaf,
you speak to my heart.
Simplicity within solitude,
photography is an art…

I don’t often write based on prompts – much less on visual prompts. But this image really spoke to me when I first came across it, and I didn’t really put words to it until today. The photo is by Saowanee Suntararak – a photographer from Thailand. This shot was the national award winner in the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards.

Go check out her page for more amazing shots.

3 thoughts on “Lonely Leaf

  1. It’s a wonder that everyone will have their own thoughts on this pic . For me ,it represented exactly how I felt at the loss of my mum. Floating in the cold air , lost , alone … heart beats of blood

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