The Best Days of your Life

Prepare well,
O Hujjaaj,
for what lies before you
will (insha-Allah) change you forever.

The journey of a lifetime,
promising struggles and discomfort,
anxiety and fatigue,
yet purity beyond measure,
as you shed
your worldly adornments
and return to your core –
standing before your Lord,
dusty and dishevelled,
pouring out your heart
on those plains of Arafat.

Prepare well,
O Hujjaaj,
for this journey to your Maker,
in this life,
is but an earthly mirror
for the voyage to Him
from which there is no return.

Make peace
with all you encountered in life,
and let go of all
rancour held so long,
for grudges serve no purpose
other than weighing down
a soul yearning to fly free.

And fly you will:
soul elevated
in the tranquillity of Madinah;
in the hive of worship that is Makkah;
joining the endless wheel of humanity,
walking in circles –
an act physically futile
to the unknowing eye,
yet a spiritual ascension
dedicated to the Most High;
worth every
bead of sweat,
and tear.

Prepare well,
O Hujjaaj,
taking with you
the best of provision:
clothe yourself in Taqwa;
adorn your heart with humility;
subject your ego to Allah’s will,
as you realise your true status:
a pauper
in the court of the Highest King,
yet so honoured
as you stand before Him in submission.

As you count down
the days and nights,
may your spirit grow ever stronger;
overcoming weakness after weakness,
wisdom dripping into your heart,
preparing you for the moment
you’ve waited your whole life for.

Prepare well,
O Hujjaaj,
for the Best Days of your Life.

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