Remember, Remember

“Remember, often, the destroyer of pleasures.” (i.e. death)

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


How long
after the loss
does it take
for the shell to grow back?
For the veils to fall
over your heart once more?

When it happened,
you were

Your reality,
your perspective,
was one of ultimate truth:
inner eyes opened,
at the fragility of life.
The necessity of death.
The fact that every soul
will taste it,
and your time, too,
would come.

But days and nights passed,
and the feelings faded.
The grief receded,
tears dried up,
and this new reality
was established.

Your consciousness of The Certainty paled
as the heaviness of those days lifted,
and life returned to normal –
albeit a new normal,
where you could never forget
what happened.

It stuck around longer
this time
but still left
in the end.

And now you sit again,
back in the old state of mind,
not remembering
like you should.
Not treasuring every second,
every moment…
knowing that each breath
could be your last
(or theirs).

And it’s natural
to forget,
for only the supreme among us
can maintain such consciousness.

But we must
lest we return to
utter heedlessness,
carrying on as if
the angel
didn’t just visit
mere days ago.

each day,
and force yourself
to remember.
Before your turn arrives.

Send forward
good deeds for that day.
For the clock is ticking,
your heart still beating,
and God alone knows
when your story ends.

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