The Way Out

Look up high.
Reach for the sky.
Don’t sit down there,
wallowing in fear.

Don’t you know –
as you sit down below,
that there’s so much more
if you let yourself grow?

Anxiety and fear stalk your heart and mind,
and worries cloud your view.
But for these unwelcome shadows to exist,
know that there must be light shining on you.

So, take account
of all that’s right.
Express gratitude and relief,
step up the fight.
Because negativity
will gnaw at your soul,
until you feel like you’re sinking into a hole,
but it’s a lie
you can overwrite;
banish darkness
by simply increasing the light.

Seek help in patience and prayer,
pour it all out to your Lord.
Take a load off, and cry it all out.
You shan’t be ignored.

For He hears and knows,
is with you every second.
Turn to Him in sincerity,
supplication your best weapon
against worries, stress and strife,
obstacles in your way;
Look for the bigger picture,
but take it day by day.

Don’t overthink. Breathe.
Turn anxiety into dua.
Then take action as best you can;
put your trust in Allah.

"...And whoever is mindful of Allah,
He will make a way out for them,
and provide for them from sources they could never imagine.
And whoever puts their trust in Allah,
then He alone is sufficient for them..."

- Quran (Surah 65; verses 2-3)

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