I started my blogging journey in 2006, initially posting images in what was my amateur photographer phase. Over time, the writer in me grew more confident, and I began to share what was within on these pages. The content you’ll find here spans the period from my lonely, soulmate-seeking days, through marriage, parenthood, pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj), and beyond.

I hope you take benefit in what you find here, and I hope – in some small way – the parts of me I’ve shared will inspire you to find your own voice, and express yourself in ways that are therapeutic.

Why “Dreamlife”?

The pseudonym I started writing under – “Dreamlife” – tied in with a very vivid pattern of dreams I had back when I started blogging. In the Islamic tradition, we know that sleep is a ‘minor death’. When we go to sleep, our soul actually departs from our body. And when we wake up, it comes back. Nobody knows where the soul goes. But for me, through a specific period of my life, I felt like my soul was going to a place while I slept; and when I woke up, very often, the effects of those slumbering journeys remained with me.

I may not remember much from those dreams, but in moments of wakefulness – brief moments – something would happen that would remind me of my dream experience. And it felt so real – as if I had really experienced it while I was awake.

And so, my theory is that I was actually remembering that other world. The world where my soul goes to at night – when I sleep…when I dream.

These flashes were simply memories of a reality which was beyond rational explanation. A real, alternate – parallel – life that this soul of mine was living while my body rested. So that’s where the pseudonym – “Dreamlife” came from.

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